Since the reactivation of the offshore seismic surveying activity in Argentina in 2017, the independent biologists performing tasks on board the seismic vessels decided to organize themselves as a professional work team. Thus, Argentina MMO was established with the aim of improving and standardizing the marine fauna observer’s tasks and increasing the scientific knowledge of the marine environment. Professionalism, genuine commitment, and protection of sensitive information have placed Argentina MMO as a key and valuable partner for its clients.

As the offshore seismic surveying activity is being consolidated in the national territory, Argentina MMO has gained experience, and new challenges have expanded its boundaries. The company has formalized itself as an environmental service provider, offering local marine mammal observers (MMO/PSO) and PAM operators to the offshore industry.
Along with its consulting network, Argentina MMO carries out scouting and training of new professional profiles, thus developing and maintaining a team of qualified and skilled professionals.


Argentina MMO has the great advantage of being located in Mar del Plata. Holding the most important fishing port in the country, Mar del Plata is a strategic point for the development of the offshore industry in Argentina.