Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values

After the United Nations approved the expansion of the external limits of the Argentine submarine platform (Law 24,815), not only the territory, but also the possibilities of exploitation of the natural resources housed in the seabed increased. Currently only 5% of the country’s hydrocarbon production comes from the ocean, however this figure is increasing. These activities, along with other industries such as fishing, take place in an environment in which a large number of species of marine mammals, fish, reptiles and invertebrates reside permanently or seasonally. In this context and in pursuit of meeting the objectives for sustainable development (SDG14), companies that carry out their activities in this environment must consider an ecosystem or triple impact approach (environmental, social and economic) for its proper functioning.

In this scene ArgentinaMMO arises, made up of specialized professionals, capable of obtaining reliable and independent scientific information that allows reducing the level of uncertainty for a better evaluation and management of resources.


The actions and decisions of our company are guided by the following purposes:

Promoting good industry practices.

Identifying and contributing to reduce the impacts caused by the offshore industry.

Increasing scientific knowledge of the marine environment.


Argentina MMO provides high quality environmental services, using cutting-edge technology and great scientific expertise. Thus, our clients develop their projects with the highest standards of execution and environmental protection, following Argentinean regulations.


Argentina MMO aims to consolidate as a leader in providing environmental services to the offshore industry in Argentina and South America. Our company also aims to create an environment of continued development and professional growth with a sense of belonging and commitment.


Moral commitment and respect for projects, the environment and people.

Ethics and integrity in data management.