Marine Mammal Observers/ Protected Species Observers, known in the Oil & Gas industry as MMO/PSO.


Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operators, known in the industry as PAM operators.

We work with the oil, gas and energy industry, fisheries and offshore construction companies, providing the following services:


Training in the identification of marine mammals, seabirds and sea turtles in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean, focused on species found in the Argentinean sea and its surrounding environment.

Environmental-Technical Teams

Monitoring and coordination of the PSO/MMO team and PAM operators.


Review, adaptation and execution of Marine Mammal Monitoring, Mitigation, and Reporting Management Plans, to reduce the risk of damage to protected species from geophysical surveys in the marine environment.


Environmental counselling and analysis of environmental impact studies.

Environmental-Technical Reports

  • Overlap: Reports on spatio-temporal overlap between seismic surveys and the fishing sector.
  • Protected species: Reports on protected species inhabiting or passing through the project area.

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