Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operators (PAM)

A PAM operator is a biologist who carries out passive acoustic monitoring and detection of marine mammals on board ships or other types of platforms in aquatic environments.

Marine mammals spend most of their time underwater, so acoustic monitoring can increase the probability of detection, particularly at night or when conditions are unfavorable for visual detection.

The functions of the PAM operator include:

  • Deployment and recovery of cables with hydrophones, essential maintenance, hardware installation and configuration of the acoustic signal monitoring and interpretation software.
  • Acoustic monitoring of marine mammals during night hours and restricted visibility.
  • Completion of forms with data referring to the sightings, hours of monitoring, position of the ship and seismic operations.
  • Implementation of the mitigation measures required according to the project and the work area.
  • Development of periodic and final reports.
  • Provide advice and general guidance on minimizing the impacts of industrial activity on protected species.

We offer PAM operators with the following training:

  • Bachelor’s degree, MSc or PhD in Biological Sciences.
  •  PAM certificate, approved by RPS Group, with instruction in Southwest Atlantic species by Argentina MMO
  •  Safety certificate on board ships STCW / 78 approved by P.N.A.